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Find out more about hardwood floors

If you’re searching for the perfect hardwood floors, you probably already know that you have access to an abundance of options, characteristics, and benefits. However, putting them all together for a superb flooring experience can prove to be a formidable venture. That’s why we’d like to help with some facts that might be important to you and your shopping experience.

These floors can be perfect for every space in your home, especially if you’re careful about your available options. For instance, you wouldn’t install solid hardwood in below-grade rooms, but understanding the reasonable alternative can be “need to know” information. Here’s some of that for you, right now.

Engineered hardwood could be the answer

You might already know that solid hardwood can never be installed in below-grade spaces. However, engineered hardwood is an excellent alternative. Engineered floors are durable, resistant to wear, water, staining, and fading to offer superior results in spaces such as basements. We can help you figure out which products work best in specific rooms in your home to alleviate much of the worry associated with choosing.

Picking a hardwood species is a great way to get started on this flooring venture. It’s a critical choice that can directly affect the lifespan and appearance of your flooring, especially if you have lots of traffic, pets, or children. The more active your home, the harder the wood species needs to be to help your floors reach their intended lifespan, so be sure to choose with care.
Hardwood is a beautiful green building material that is easily sourced and recycled once its lifespan is exhausted. But you can extend the lifespan of these floors with the refinishing process, which strips away years of wear and allows you to recreate them from the fresh wood layer up. You can choose to maintain the previous appearance or opt for a brand new finish and stain color.

From our showroom to your hardwood floors

As a hardwood flooring retailer with a showroom in Roseburg, OR, F & W Floor Covering proudly serves the communities of Roseburg, OR, Dixonville, OR, Melrose, OR, Riversdale, OR, North Roseburg, OR, Drain, OR, Winston, OR, Camas Valley, OR, Canyonville, OR, and Glide, OR. If you’re in those areas, we invite you to visit us to find out which materials will work best in the spaces in your home. Whether you need flooring for one room or all of them, we can help match you to the perfect materials and services. When you’re ready to embark on your hardwood flooring, whether it is solid or engineered hardwood search, we look forward to working with you.